Criminal Appeals

A criminal conviction can follow you through the rest of your life. Those with criminal records are barred from entrance into certain schools, banned from employment in certain industries, and even denied credit when applying for home and car loans. Having a criminal conviction overturned can be one of the most important things you do for your future, and you need a skilled, dedicated criminal defense attorney to help you get the job done.

California State and Federal Criminal Appeals

Being able to identify the key issues mishandled in the lower court and making a persuasive appellate argument, both orally and in writing, is an art. The Law Office of Stephanie Ames represents clients on appeal regardless of whether we were their counsel at trial.

In most cases, we are limited to the record of trial on appeal. However, contact us about your appellate issue and we will give you individualized advice about how to best handle your appeal. We craft our briefs to present each client’s case in the most persuasive, well-documented, and professional way possible. Through careful parsing of the record, thorough research, and persuasive legal writing, we give each appellate client the personal time and attention it deserves. If you have been convicted of a crime, contact us now so that we may begin preparing for your appeal.